Arborescence (2015)

Various aspects of this piece are 'treelike'. The melodies twist and turn like branches and knotted tree roots, beginning as solos and then developing through the quintet into passages of flourishing polyphony. The large-scale structure of is formed from two branching sections, separated by a central, musical ‘trunk’. The first of these sections depicts the underground, with melodies composed of mostly bass-register pitch language evoking subterranean root systems. The second part of the work is composed almost entirely in the treble register, and evokes the top part of a tree reaching towards the heavens, trembling and shaking with ecstatic bird-like song.

Performance by Syzygy Ensemble: Laila Engle (C and bass flutes, piccolo), Robin Henry (Bb and bass clarinets), Jenny Khafagi (violin), Paul Zabrowarny (cello) and Leigh Harrold (piano).

Studio Recording made at Iwaki Auditorium with engineer Chris Lawson.


Blackbird in the Garden (2016)

Video extracts from the season of 'Blackbird in the Garden'. In June 2016, I collaborated with flautist and friend Naomi Johnson to produce this whimsical concert piece, in partnership with Forest Collective. 

The concert brought together music and dance in a multidisciplinary performance based on my flute miniature series 'Following the Blackbird', which imagines a little girl wandering through an imaginary garden in pursuit of a blackbird. The piece requires the performer to walk and dance around the stage, and in this performance, we had the chance to work with the brilliant dancer, Elanor Webber. 

The Physiology of Taste (2014)

This piece for solo Bass Trombone takes its inspiration from Jean-Anthelme Brillat Savarin's treatise of the same name. This world premiere performance was given by Benjamin Anderson as part of a University of Melbourne Masters of Music recital at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne.