Writing about music...

In early 2013, I went along to the Australian Youth Orchestra's National Music Camp, where I took part in the 'Words About Music' program. This little course caters to those with an interest in communicating about classical music: reviewing, broadcasting, program note writing, etc. I went along not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with writing; I went because I wanted to exercise my grey cells beyond composing, and because I felt I had something worthwhile to say. 

Whether that was true or not, I'll never know, but from this small start I was lucky enough to be granted a fellowship, which gave me the opportunity to work with various arts organisations in Sydney, including the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Limelight Magazine and on ABC Radio National's 'The Music Show'.

This 10-week baptism into a different side of Australia's classical music scene was as intense as it was varied, and from it I now have a blossoming side-career as a freelance writer, presenter and reviewer. You'll find some links below to various pickings, but otherwise you can find my reviews and an occasional feature in Limelight Magazine. 

Limelight Magazine

Australian Music Centre

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Talking about Music:

Very occasionally I get the opportunity to talk publicly about music. Most often this as a pre-concert presenter – the nerd who tries to give you some insight into what you're about to hear at a concert. I've had the good fortune now of speaking before Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concerts. It's becoming a bit of a fixture in my calendar, so I'll endeavour to keep you informed when I'm next scheduled to speak. 

Next Talk: 
Pre-Concert Talks for the Australian Chamber Orchestra
Grieg and Beyond
September 10, 11 2017
Hamer Hall Foyer

Something more...

I chatted to Musica Viva a little while ago about why I love classical chamber music, for their Chamber Music and Me web-series. You can check out the video below: