Composing a Musical Tree

This week has been full of compositional highlights. My new work for mixed quintet, 'Arborescence' received a preview performance at the inaugural 2015 Melbourne Music Analysis Summer School on Monday – and then its premiere at the Melbourne Recital Centre by Syzygy Ensemble, in their final concert for the year on Wednesday evening. 

The concert was an incredible success, and was also recorded by ABC Classic FM for future broadcast. I am so humbled by all of Syzygy's efforts and hard work in bringing my music to life. The process of working with them and developing my music under their guidance has been extraordinary. 

I discuss the process of writing and developing 'Arborescence' in a blog post on the Australian Music Centre's online magazine 'Resonate'.

We capped off the collaboration last night with a studio recording session at Iwaki Auditorium at the ABC Southbank Studios, with ABC engineer Chris Lawson. Hearing the final cut was really special. There's probably just a little more work to do, and then it'll be ready to share!

Many thanks to Laila, Leigh, Jenny, Robin and Paul for being a part of my musical tree!

Jenny Khafagi (violin), Leigh Harrold (piano), Paul Zabrowarny (cello), Robin Henry (clarinets) and Laila Engle (flutes), tuning up to record my newest musical creation.